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There Came a Killing Frost

Look! HOTNESS. I swears, it’s making me into a mantitty ho. And the Luurvly dip of the jeans, MmmMmmMmm. You think the cover is tasty? You should read the book! And thank your lucky stars, you can! 



Time-traveler. Cowboy. Assassin. Kit Frost has been all three, and more, but he’s never stooped to slave running, and he doesn’t intend to start now. So he announces when he arrives in a brothel to collect his cargo, only to be handed the drugged body of beautiful Lourdes Carterro. 

But Lourdes isn’t a slave. She’s a trained sexual submissive in thrall to a wealthy and powerful man. Her escape attempt may have failed, but she isn’t so submissive that she’s ready to give up. She’ll use her skills to lull Kit, to make him think she’s weak and easily controlled, and then she’ll find her way to freedom. 

Before long, Kit’s worn leather belt has strapped Lourdes to the bed, and she’s begging for his rough touch. But Kit finds new ways to torture her with pleasure, and soon she wonders … can she run away if running away means leaving Kit behind? 


Keep checking back for when I get to pimp her next out, a m/m named Wild Horses which happens to be one of my favorite’s she’s ever written. 





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Pretty shiny space

In our house THIS is about as fun as fun can be. As you can imagine, homeschooling astronomy geeks are sqeaking with glee. At least at my house. Not to mention how it gives the writers imagination a injection of Super Creativity Juice.

Worldwide Telescope


Where I will be buying most of the Christmas Presents for Hatchling #3

If none of that makes you lose hours of your day Kristen’s Letter to her Cat cracked me up. Go say Hi!

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Other than to tell you that I’m writing my first Multicultural YA to hit bookstores in January 09, the only other thing I can tell you is that I started Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson and I CANNOT put it down. I started it late last night, which was a VERY VERY bad thing to do. I am now tired. Extremely tired. I’ve been reading some friends reviews of it, and they are right- it surpasses Lord of the Fading Lands (as if that were possible). I really wish they would have published these two in hardback. I can’t wait for my daughter to read these.

My buddy ZEEK reviewed it (she’s an actual reviewer whereas I am not) and gave it a 5 out of 5 if you want more than gushing. 🙂

So while you’re out today, if you go out, make sure to pick up LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS and both if you haven’t read LORD OF THE FADING LANDS.

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Valentines Day

Romance Divas Free E-Reads

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Those two have a great sense of humor.   

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Merry Festivus


Merry Festivus

That’s right. Zeek is having a Christmakwanzakuh and I’m over here with a PRINT RELEASE of FORTUNE’S FOOL, so I decided to give five copies away!

Merry Five Days of Festivus, One and ALL!


Fortune's Fool




by Bianca D’Arc, Eva Gale, Cassidy Kent, and Selah March
May, 2007
ISBN 1-59426-909-2

Four mistresses of erotic romance present a collection of tales destined to get pulses racing. Sexy psychics offer delectable divination in the past, present, and future.

KING OF SWORDS – Biana D’Arc: Sparks ignite when a psychic meets a special ops warrior aboard a space station. When enemies attack, will close quarters and danger draw them together?

TEMPTING FATE – Eva Gale: An up-and-coming banker falls for the town palm reader. She might be breathtaking, but a spinster from a notorious psychic family is hardly the career boost he wanted.

MIRANDA WRITES – Cassidy Kent: A novelist becomes a fortune-teller for book research. When an FBI agent mistakes her for a counterfeiter, danger and romance ensue. Will she meet her deadline… or wind up just plain dead?

FLESH AND BONE – Selah March: Tortured by a sadistic murderess, a detective may suffer an agonizing death. Only a local psychic can find him, but will she save him? Or be caught in evil’s web?

Length: Quasar (96K)
Rating: 4 Novas


To enter, all you have to do is comment, and I will draw one name per day until December 24th. If you won a copy, you name will be taken out of the drawing for the next day. You can comment up until the 24th to be in the drawings.


Merry Festivus












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Christmas Tree

She’s giving away two of My Favorite Books EVER and you really need to go enter so you can have a Very Merry Holiday.

Go! Shoo!

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