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There Came a Killing Frost

Look! HOTNESS. I swears, it’s making me into a mantitty ho. And the Luurvly dip of the jeans, MmmMmmMmm. You think the cover is tasty? You should read the book! And thank your lucky stars, you can! 



Time-traveler. Cowboy. Assassin. Kit Frost has been all three, and more, but he’s never stooped to slave running, and he doesn’t intend to start now. So he announces when he arrives in a brothel to collect his cargo, only to be handed the drugged body of beautiful Lourdes Carterro. 

But Lourdes isn’t a slave. She’s a trained sexual submissive in thrall to a wealthy and powerful man. Her escape attempt may have failed, but she isn’t so submissive that she’s ready to give up. She’ll use her skills to lull Kit, to make him think she’s weak and easily controlled, and then she’ll find her way to freedom. 

Before long, Kit’s worn leather belt has strapped Lourdes to the bed, and she’s begging for his rough touch. But Kit finds new ways to torture her with pleasure, and soon she wonders … can she run away if running away means leaving Kit behind? 


Keep checking back for when I get to pimp her next out, a m/m named Wild Horses which happens to be one of my favorite’s she’s ever written. 





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I promised you a contest, and a contest you will have. You will have MULTIPLE contests. My crit partner, Selah of the black lacquered toes, is also running a Don’t Be a Halloweenie contest here.

Da Rulz:

It’s a blog scavenger hunt. The contest runs from today, October 29-November 2. That gives you a week to answer 6 questions. I am not responsible for any blog addictions formed during this contest.

1. What scares Selah?

2. Who likes making scary virtual bugs?

3. Who’s playing Peek-a-boo in the washtub?

4. What does Joshilyn love to do at her church around Halloween?

5. What directions does Pixie Witch Specimen # 713 come with?

6. What did 3 visitors come to Kristen’s Blog for?

The first fifteen people who post the right answers will get an e-book. E-MAIL your answers to evagale@gmail.com

I have five each of Desperate Measures, Phaze Fantasies Volume 4, and Fortune’s Fool. You can pick whichever you like while they are available. (You do not have to purchase anything to enter.)

Selah is also running a contest! So you have 20 chances to win a book!

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Phaze is conducting a reader survey!

My publisher, Phaze Publications, wants to know how to serve you, the reader, better. So they have made a survey. If you go and fill it out, you will be able to pick a free e-book *any e-book* from the catalog.

What are you waiting for!

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