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Pretty shiny space

In our house THIS is about as fun as fun can be. As you can imagine, homeschooling astronomy geeks are sqeaking with glee. At least at my house. Not to mention how it gives the writers imagination a injection of Super Creativity Juice.

Worldwide Telescope


Where I will be buying most of the Christmas Presents for Hatchling #3

If none of that makes you lose hours of your day Kristen’s Letter to her Cat cracked me up. Go say Hi!


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Don’t forget to TURN IT ON.

At ten this morning I had the pot roast all seared up, the goodies cut, the broth ready. But I forgot to turn it ON until one pm. Heh. So, dinner might not be on time. We have a box of Cheeze Its, we will live. I have wine, I will be GLORIOUS.

The Hatchlings are running outside raking leaves and I am supposed to be using this NON COOKING of DINNER time to write. But I have the Wee Leech on my lap, sleeping. So, I am blogging instead. And drinking cool coffee because I can’t get up to get a warmer. Stuff a sock in it, I know.

I finished Emotional Structure and, just like when I’m writing, I feel like I’ve been let up from under water. It’s some amazing stuff and I’m FERMENTING. I was able to find holes in my story-not fun at over 170 pages, but better late than never. I’ve patched a few of them, but now I have to readajust my plot board. Threads have turned to strings, and other threads have disappeared. My story board is a foam core board that I have gridded and Post It’ed and collaged the back. It sits at the side of my bedroom so I can think/look/see it when I need and my DH moves it every morning on me as he tries to get into his dresser. When he complains I tell him I get a few more minutes out of the show and he forgets the huge honkin’ board thing he has to move. Works for me. So, later I have to go re-Post It. Mr. Dunne loves 3×5 cards for outlining, and then he pins them to a corkboard. I may try that one eventually. Husband should prefer it, too. But I’m kinda global in my needing to see it all spread out in front of me, so I’ll have to play with it.

This may turn into a pretty emotional story for me, so in parts I can’t wait to get to the laptop, and then I also HATE getting to the laptop. I’ve even been having dreams about one particular thread, one that is more biographical, and have been waking up in FEAR, emotion gobbed in my throat like dry bread, dreading having to relive it when I write it.

SVEN is back at it making us sweat and curse. Alright, maybe it’s just me cursing, but it’s a great motivational tool to have a Check In and Quotes and a Place To Whine where they know your Pain. I’ve done NOTHING for the first two days, so I have 2k to make up, but I finished reading Emotional Structure and fixed things up so making it us is all good with me. Which I must go do Now.

Tomorrow I will tell you why I SO RESPECT AGENTS. A hint. I signed up to judge a contest. Kristen asked, I offered, and I think she was kind in sweetly laughing at my PRE-JUDGING INNOCENT ENTHUSIASM. And now I completely understand why I’ve heard other writers say it’s a very valuable lesson.

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