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I’m 36 almost 37. My husband is 45. 

I’m rooting for Obamessiah, he’s for McCain. It’s been a firey time in our house (and I have to wonder how Carville and Matalin do it).

Here’s where the gap comes in. He doesn’t believe that America can elect a black man for president yet. I tell him he’s lost touch with my generation (and even if I’m actually on the tail end of his, being a Heinz 57 like I am, I tend to be much more sensitive to the anti racism feelings of the youngers, having those same feelings myself). As we were reading the papers Sunday morning we had that exact discussion-except I told him he didn’t know what he was talking about because he was an old fart. He promptly sniffed, snapped up the paper and plotted his revenge. 

I’ll have to pick fights with him like that again sometime. 



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